During the time of an exhibition the official instagram account
of an institution1 becomes a marketplace for photographs.

The exhibition pictures taken by the visitors are bought for the price of 15 CHF independently of their quality. For this price the visitor agrees to cede its copyright rights.

The artist then decides which of the images is purchased with the exhibition budget and featured on the instagram2 feed of the institution.

Once acquired and posted online the images automatically enters the photography archive of the exhibition and become property of the artist.

The license for the acquired image is a single use licence permitted for unlimited territorial distribution, unlimited time, and on any format – print, online, and video.




1 The project has been conceived for the exhibition Sympathie presented at Centre d’Art Neuchâtel from September 21 to December 14, 2018.

2 To see the images bought during the exhibition, use the hashtag #buyeveryimage