BIOGRAPHY (2016-ongoing)

Starting in the Autumn of 2016, is a ever growing collection of contemporary artist’s domains. The specificity of these sites is to be online space that escape for some reasons to the interests of the art market.

These domains have been all publicly bought online for a unique price of 20 CHF each. All these properties have their own metabolism. Some are waiting to be activated. Some are put back into the domains market. Some are traded. And eventually a small fragment of the collection is activated as websites and is exhibited into The Catalogue.

The activated properties in their own right are occupied by an ‘under construction’2 page and are accessible to the public3.


1 The project started on the occasion of the group exhibition No-where? Now-here! (an idea-driven group exhibition about the practices of writing and the book on one page) presented at Corner College, Zürich, 2016

3 is on view on