ROOM 505 (2017)

On a sunday afternoon, a room in a hotel of Berlin is open to the public1. During 8 hours2 two people are being there, exposed deep in their own sleep, a space where even as being invited, a guest can never go.

Some invitations are sent a few days before, in which people are invited to experiment a pictorial moment of live event. For the others it will be pure chance to say the words ‘hello its’ me’ that allow access to the room.

No explanations nor instructions are provided before, during and after. What happens seems to be indifferent to their presence, although their gestures are recorded by movement detection cameras3.

1 Room 516 has been conceived on the occasion of the long-term residency by Fette Sans at Hotel Zoo, Berlin

2 because everyone is supposed to sleep eight hours according to the doctors

3 do you think about the film Sleep (1963) by Andy Warhol right now? I do

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