NO TITLES I, II, III, IV (2016-2017)

No Titles1 is an artist collective2 who gathered around four temporary situations3 such as the gallery exhibition, the pop-up exhibition, the short-term residency and the cv exhibition, and this in the course of one year.

For No Titles a set of contexts and conditions have been developed in order to influence predictabilities, critical and impromptu exchanges and finally results.


1 No Titles started on the invitation of the artist-run space Schwarzwaldallee, Basel

2 The collective consists of one curator, six artists as well as one guest artist for each edition

3 The ‘gallery exhibition’ was on view at Schwarzwaldallee, February-March (06 February – 05 March, 2016), the ‘pop-up exhibition’ was presented into a private flat in Basel (11-18 June, 2016), the ‘short-term residency’ happened in Soulce (09-11 September, 2016), the ‘cv exhibition’ ran at the Kunsthaus Quedlingburg (11-16 January, 2017).