HAFEN 13 (2016)

During the time of an exhibition, 25 transparent bags filled with 1kg sand each are sent from Switzerland to Germany by passing the border, where the exhibition is taking place1.

Because of the non-existence of a proper postal address at the time of the exhibition and its location in the harbour area, the sand bags arrived with difficulties and delayed.

Whenever a bag arrives, the sand has to be removed2 and the empty plastic envelope has to be added on display by the gallerists.

1 Hafen 13 has been created for the inaugural exhibition of a space called Kressmann-Halle in Offenbach, Germany. The exhibition was running from July 1 – July 23, 2016.

2   They are entirely emptied of their content in front of the space that is already surrounded by sand. For more than 50 years, the site has been used as a warehouse and transshipment center for mineral oil products, scrap metal and goods such as sand, gravel and coal.

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